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Walking along the shores of a country or when getting lost in unknown places, I always wonder about the stories that have been told there. In the eyes of people I meet across the world, I see that story. Through these photos I try to tell these stories, because they deserve to be told.

These photos are not just about light, composition and contrast. They are about emotions. Read that word again, it says it all: emotions, motion, ocean.


If you can make a person smile during the day, they will for sure remember you. That is a great way to become eternal, isn't it? We all want to create something that will stay, that will be remembered. So that when we go, we will be remembered. These photos are my way to tell the stories of others that want to tell theirs, but don't know how and for me to give back something I consider as beautiful: YOU.

Bericht ontvangen!

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